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What we do

Shooting Stars is a fully integrated agency offering a wide range of services to licensors, licensees and retailers providing tailored solutions for brand development, protection, product design, and marketing support.


Our Consumer Products Team and “Growth Consultancy” approach blend strategic insights, brand nurturing, and comprehensive market entry expertise.

Specializing in product design and marketing, we ensure your brand’s journey from conception to market is a success.

Discover unparalleled growth in the Consumer Products market with Shooting Stars, your One-Stop Solution agency.


The expansion of the gaming industry in the region but also globally has been phenomenal. The rapid growth across various sectors within gaming, from hardware and software to esports and gaming accessories is remarkable. One significant factor contributing to this expansion is the evolution of technology.

Shooting Stars is a leading gaming accessories distributor representing global brands ASUS Republic of Gamers and STEELSERIES.

We work with the leading E-commerce platforms, independent channels, gaming communities, gaming cafes and more than 48 organized retail across the GCC.


Thanks to excellent relationships with petrol stations in the UAE, most of the major toys distributors appointed Shooting Stars as their exclusive distributor.

This convenience stores operation distributes both food and non-food items across all petrol stations.

A fleet of 7 vans, dedicated warehouse and a knowledgeable sales force roams the UAE daily to deliver products across petrol stations and specialty stores.


The revival of vinyl music has been quite fascinating. It’s incredible how this old-school format has made such a strong comeback in a digital age. There’s something undeniably nostalgic and authentic about the crackle of vinyl, the large artwork, and the ritual of placing the needle on the record. Plus, some music enthusiasts appreciate the warmer, more organic sound of vinyl compared to digital formats.

Artists and labels releasing special editions or limited runs on vinyl also contribute to its allure.

Shooting Stars is the official representative of Sony vinyl music in the Middle East.


Thanks to our longstanding relationship with the film industry, Shooting Stars is the proud representative of all major Hollywood film studios for screenings outside private homes or conventional cinemas.

Offering audiences a chance to experience movies in diverse settings beyond the typical theater environment creates memorable and immersive experiences. Screenings in alternative locations offer a fresh perspective on how movies are enjoyed.

If you’re thinking or planning to organize one or multiple screenings of your favourite movies outside of a conventional cinema please contact us.


Shooting Stars has been a trailblazer in local film distribution for decades.

Today we’re investing in local talent and local stories to bring them to a cinema near you.

Stay tuned!


From the world-famous makers of chocolate, beer, fries, waffles, Tintin, The Smurfs and Art Nouveau comes the new healthy 100% natural low calories ginger-based drink with no preservatives or additives.